Developer session: code driven development in Drupal

It's been one week since we wrapped up DrupalVolCon in Antwerp: it was an awesome community event with interesting sessions, lots of informal networking & learning, and loads of Drupal geekery. Most of the VolCon sessions were pretty advanced, aimed at experienced Drupal developers & themers. One of the sessions that definitely sparked an interest among many of us, was the presentation on code driven development by Antonio De Marco of Nuvole. Not too long after Antonio's presentation, it became clear that there was sufficient interest in a follow-up event, specifically aimed at code driven development for Drupal.

When: Thursday, 27th of May, 19u30 - 22u30
Where: Krimson office, Zénobe Grammestraat 34, 2018 Antwerp
How to participate/present: leave a comment if you want to present, and we'll go from there.

What is code driven development?

In short, code driven development aims at having stuff that can live in your database, in code. This 'stuff' can be configuration options, but also views, panels, content type definitions, ... One of the great advantages of having these things in code is that they become reusable components that can be deployed across different sites. Code driven development can make a developer's workflow more maintainable, solid and scalable.

How does code driven development work in Drupal?

The Drupal world has seen the emergence of code driven development techniques through a number of projects, such as Features ( and Chaos tool suite ( A lot still depends on how these tools are actually used: good code conventions (see the Kit project:, well defined features boundaries and other best practices can really make the difference at the end of the day.

During this session we would like to:

  1. Present real use cases of code driven development, covering, for each of them:
    • Development workflow: features' creation, update/revert process, tools (eg. Drush -
    • Features' design: boundaries, what goes where, ...
    • Reusability of code: feature templates, extendable features, ...
  2. Share best practices.
  3. Talk about current limitations of code driven development in Drupal and brainstorm about possible enhancements.

Please note:

  • This event will be mainly English-spoken.
  • A basic understanding of features ( is advised.
  • Follow #codepower on Twitter for updates & info on (Drupal) code driven development.

Hope to see you in Antwerp on May 27th!


27 mei 2010 (19:30)
27 mei 2010 (22:30)




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afbeelding van wmostrey
Door wmostrey op 18 mei, 2010 - 13:01

Ik zal jammer genoeg toch niet aanwezig kunnen zijn. Zijn er plannen om deze sessie op te nemen en de video te publiceren?

Door mostalive op 26 mei, 2010 - 17:37

I tried out the features module, but for some reason it didn't 'click' with me (what I remember is that it would take some settings, but I still needed to do other settings manually. Reading the project pages it is further along now). I would be interested to see how others used features.

I'm on a longer running project. We're doing monthly releases with a fairly elaborate DTAP setup. Our current process is to document manual steps we need to do for each release, and then with every release automate the most painful manual steps (and keep the automation itself as simple as possible). Time to deploy went down drastically from first to second release. We've got a mix of custom modules (quite a few interfaces to web services) and cck/views work.

This week is another release week, one of the main improvements for us was to move settings from the admin interface to settings.php's (mainly locations of services like solr that also have an instance in each DTAP environment), and checking more environments out directly from version control with hudson (manually copying files is time consuming and error prone).

Door op 28 mei, 2010 - 06:09

Ik ben eveneens niet aanwezig kunnen zijn. Is het een idee deze presentatie nogmaals te geven in Machelen of Leuven? Ik kan voor een lokatie zorgen.

afbeelding van batigolix
Door batigolix op 1 juni, 2010 - 15:06

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