HTML/CSS job in Paris

Hi everybody, sorry if I am posting in english but I don't speak french nor dutch.
I am looking for a HTML/CSS guy with good experience, not necessary a senior but a good amount of experience is needed.
The work will not be on Drupal, even if I am trying to push for adopting it as much as I can, so it _could_ happen in the future.
The job will be located in South-West of Paris(Sevres). Let me know if somebody is interested, good english is also mandatory since there are no french-speaking people in the office.
Thank you for your attention

Door mwetering op 7 januari, 2010 - 12:46

I'd be interested in this job.
Please tel me more about your company and when to start.
Marco van de Wetering
The Netherlands

Door omissis op 7 januari, 2010 - 14:18

Hi I contacted you via the function provided by this site sending you my skype account.

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