Drupal CXO: Executive Meetup Barcelona 2013

On 11 and 12 April 2013 we are organizing the next Drupal executives meetup (CXO) in Barcelona. This meetup aims to facilitate peer-to-peer learning about business processes between leadership of Drupal shops. What are the best practices? What kind of processes do you need? How do you grow from an entrepreneur centered culture to a process driven culture?

The Drupal community is still characterized by it's great number of fast growing businesses. All of these companies are inventing new processes to solve similar problems. There is a lot that we can learn from each other.
The first Drupal CXO in Brussels was a huge success, sold out in 3 days with 60+ attendees from all over Europe. The second event was in Amsterdam, also with more than 60 attendes. This event is a follow up event to that first meeting, this time focused specifically around development, business and quality assurance processes.

Who is it for?
1 or maximum 2 people from any organization or business unit whose main activity is Drupal (more than 70% Drupal). This meeting will focus on the specific issues and opportunities that Drupal business owners/decission makers face when organizing the processes in their company. We are limiting the amount of people per company to ensure an interactive meeting on which all participants can get to know all other participants. We currently have place for 60 participants, if more than 3 people sign up from the same company they will be placed on the waiting list.

Why should you attend:
Learn and share best practices in Drupal processes
Create the framework for more intense collaboration with some of the key players in other European Drupal markets
Become part of a European network of Drupal shops that want to work together

Things we'll definitely discuss are:
Tools & services: what tools and services are different organizations using?
Bootstrapping a process culture: how do you replace entrepreneurial ad hoc leadership with a repeatable set of processes.
Job well done: what is the gold standard for a quality Drupal project (process, steps, documentation)

Meeting format:
The Drupal executives meeting will take place in the Open Space format: there will be no slideshow presentations. We are doing this to encourage all participants to contribute to the discussions they take part in and to prevent anyone from monopolizing a topic. You can find more information about Open Space Technology on it's Wikipedia page.


11 april 2013 (9:30)
12 april 2013 (20:00)


11th April 9h30-17h30: Open space meeting
11th April 20h00: dinner
12th April 9h30-14h00: Open space meeting
12th April 14h00-20h00: free program


Pl. Can Suris, s/n
08940 CornellĂ  de Llobregat (BCN)
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