award-winning list of users after

to affect the heart, p>

the 1680 square meters of diamond mansion super gluttonous feast

participate in the SouFun organized your favorite green furniture new contest to win the million award

company delivery to the nation to celebrate replica hublot big bang this event ten million vouchers

Beijing's new hair Sheng together with louboutin replica its two brands of five series of new product launches of 1680 square meters of ultra-luxury line unveiled in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre, will the company will release the new and grand exhibition to the Internet so users are spoiled for choice, also requires that you selected your favorite green fake rolex watch furniture new interactive replica watch online click, your evaluation will be able to better fake omega understand cheap wedding gowns customer preferences and demand for services to better serve you! Better service to customers in China! Users to participate in the activities to celebrate the event at the same time expressed his thanks to interactive users, delivery of 10 million yuan vouchers! To participate in the interaction of users will have the opportunity to win prizes, and more lucky ones available to be sent by the new Sheng million awards (awards sent a total of NT $ 10 million)

awards design (10.01 million of the total delivery vouchers 1)

Grand Prize: 10,000 yuan

first prize of 400: 5000 yuan vouchers

600 Second Prize: 4000 yuan vouchers

third prize 800: 3000 yuan vouchers

Sidengjiang 1000: 2,000 vouchers

five Wedding dresses 2012 prize 1200: 1000 Yuan Dynasty Gold coupons

awards shows, the use of rules (live webcast on May 28 raffle and publish the results):

Cheap wedding dresses

1, a Grand Prize of $ 10,000 voucher costs all borne by the company, this award can be converted into 10,000 yuan in cash and does not require a 10% ratio of deductible, the company is also an important support for christian louboutin red heels $90 this event.

2, the first prize to five prize rules are to be deducted 10% of the transaction price, transaction price of 1000 yuan of furniture can be a maximum deduction of 100 yuan voucher transaction price of 2000 yuan of furniture up to can deduct 200 Replica rolex yuan vouchers, and so on! Equivalent to fold to the customer after none other 10%. For example, the total amount of customers signing of 5000 yuan, just 500 yuan vouchers hands of customers, so customers only need to pay fake rolex 4500 yuan +500 vouchers 10% of the promotional fees borne by the dealer.

vouchers using the Effective Time: July 30, 2010.

4, the lottery shall not participate in the mall and shop the other discount promotions. replica watches

5, such as the local dealers have refused to participate Short Wedding dresses in the event directly with the Faux breitling company regional hotline call.

award-winning list of users after the announcement by the Green Wedding dress Island Company by mail will be award-winning Cheap Wedding dresses level of the corresponding coupons sent to users to Replica Christian louboutin provide the recipient address, rolex replica you receive coupons to local

on the Internet, SouFun

specifically design a contest on the show, so that users to vote and the imitation rolex company's new product upload.

new Sheng's brand Green Island in 2009, Maxi (the MAXI) Appreciation:

on the activities of the unknown, please call the following areas Hotline

regional Tel is responsible for:

regional provinces responsible for the regional imitation watches hotline Beijing region Beijing Wang Meixia East market, Jiangsu, inexpensive wedding dresses Rolex Replica Zhejiang, Affordable wedding dresses Fujian, Liu Hongtao
, Shanghai He Shuangming
South China market, Guangdong , Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Chen cited the Central China Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Chen cited the west of the North China market, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Chifeng Song Fengwei
the Liouville
Northeast market east of Inner Mongolia (Chifeng, including Chifeng), Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Tianjin Ning Hongtao 18,600,076,578

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