Drupal configuratie met Slideshowpro gewenst


At this moment I'm currently looking for somebody who can do the
following for me:

Global Specification
- Install slideshowpro correctly (http://slideshowpro.net/) on my
production website www.dewegvanhetverlangen.nl, correcly integrated
with views module.

- Configure drupal 6 version so I have the following situation:

1) I can upload multiple files in one time and put them all with one
form into one gallery (modules for this are already installed like
multiupload, taxonomy)

2) I can give tags to images so they will displayed on a page with a
corresponding tag.

3) When a page has corresponding tags is show the standaard block
based on the theme
Each block contains 5 slideshows again with a corresponding tag
system. Depending on the number of images with corresponding tags the
images will be displayed with a slideshow. Not any other information
in image of the slideshow have to be shown.. like small pictures
below, time etc etc.

4) So, when the tags counts 5 images for this page no images is
rotaded. When 8 images are found 3 slideshows will rotate their image.

5) It should be possible to tag with specific keywords so images will
only be displayed in one of the 5 position of the slideshow.

6) When the user clicks on a image on top op the page in this
slideshow, slideshowpro should be opened full screen with this image
shown. All image attributes should be available in slideshow like
name, description, galleryname etc etc. The user click is not on the
full screen option in slideshowpro but anywhere on the image.

7) The galleries available in drupal should be displayed in the
slideshow pro galleries.

8) All slideshow configuration should be done by xml and the help of
the views module.

9) Explanation to me how things are done so configuration options e.g.
(http://slideshowpro.net/examples/floating) to Slideshow pro can
adjusted by me by e.g. placing a new xml template by ftp on the

The cost of the slideshowpromodule will be mine. I only need to know
which product version i have to buy.
Activities should be done on a fixed price

The configuration should be done this month.

No modules should be specific build

I you have any question pls contact me. I'm looking forward to start !!!

Marcel Kelders

Mobile : 06 - 149 222 55
Email : mkelders@gmail.com
Internet. : www.dewegvanhetverlangen.nl

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