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Op 15 februari verwelkomen DUG BE vzw en Dropsolid je voor een nieuwe Drupal User Group bijeenkomst.

Ditmaal komt Enzo Garcia langs in Gent voor een interessante avond over Drupal Console. Zie details over deze sessie in de Engelse beschrijving. Meer over Enzo kan je lezen op


Hapjes en drank worden voorzien door Dropsolid!
Welkom vanaf 19u - sessie start om 19u30.


On February 15th DUG BE vzw and Dropsolid invite you for another Drupal User Group evening.

This time Enzo Garcia will join us in Ghent for an interesting evening about Drupal Console. More about Enzo can be found at enzolutions.com/articles/2016/01/19/around-the-drupal-world-in-120-days/

The Drupal Console is a CLI tool that helps you manage that complexity allowing you to generate boilerplate code, interact and debug Drupal 8.

If you have been developing with Drupal and Symfony, chances are you may already know a great alternative to speed up the development process is to use a CLI tool.

During this session, you will learn how to write commands for a custom Drupal 8 module and theme using Drupal Console the new Drupal CLI based on symfony/console, twig and other third party components.

Bites and drinks will be provided by Dropsolid!
Welcome from 19h - session starts at 19h30.

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