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DataMaze is a place for passionate, digital-minded people who share our no-nonsense attitude.
We skip the hipster shizzle and buzzword bingo. We focus on building smart web products, that make a lasting, positive impact.

We're a fast-growing company, always looking for new team members who bring something more than just expertise to our team. A little eccentricity is a plus, not a disadvantage.

We are currently looking for a Web Developer.

As a Web Developer, you will help shaping the various components that are necessary to build modern software solutions. You have a broad interest in all aspects of software development and are eager on learning new technologies.

You understand the challenges of building distributed applications, as well as how web services and databases are working under the hood.


  • Prototype and develop scalable and reliable software solutions
  • Ensure maintainability by documenting code and solution
  • Translate business requirements in a robust, performant and secure technical solution


  • Bachelor in Informatics or Master in Computer Science (or related)
  • Substantial knowledge of both back-end (Node.js, php or any other web friendly language, MongoDB, SQL, AMQP) and front-end (Javascript, HTML5, CSS3) development.
  • Understanding of common software engineering practices (git, unit testing, code documentation, continuous integration, dependency management, monitoring, version management,.. )
  • An instinct for software architecture and micro-services
  • Solid comprehension of web technologies (HTTP, HTTP/2, WS,..) and API development (JSON, OAuth, JWT, ..)
  • Professional experience with symfony or drupal is a major plus.
  • Good understanding of database design concepts
  • Affinity with working a linux based environment.
  • Love to experiment and explore new technologies/frameworks

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