Looking for partners to a Brussels based social entrepreneurship with development countries

Hello to all - and sorry to write in English for my Dutch isn't perfect enough …
With a personal background of some years of development aid by field and EU-Lobby experiences, I began to build up a multi-lingual Drupal-Site with the intention of a platform, linking business interests with social concerns in context of development aid and respective countries.
The technical part has grown so far with modules like ubercart, marketplace, mutual credit, userpoints and a lot of other tools. The result is a kind of global fair for commercial and non-profit interests called 'GLOBALFAIR.NET connect business & social concern' see: http://www.globalfair.net
The project is foreseen to run as open enterprise, which means the worldwide users engagement will be counted by userpoints and those points can get valued as share returns as soon as the enterprise. This tool is especially aimed to users in development countries to give them an income instrument through the sites activities. The project itself foresee its income through "classical' on-line place and product sales and plans as well some applications to coherent public funds for its non-benefit activities..
The technical and administrative part shall be maintained by a core team. And exactly this is my point here to those who may be interested to join as partner and take over the Drupal care and programming part.
For any further questions don't hesitate to contact me. I live and work near Brussels.

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