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Ik ben op zoek naar een programmeur voor een module:
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The module will effectively be a form to query custom info in a DB.

The user experience will be as follows:
1) the user will start to type the name of his profession and while he types, a list of options show up in a drop down (see search box example on
2) The user will next enter some values in other fields - part of which are optional
3) The user can tick an optional box "show how my results compare with others"
4) Upon submit, the request is sent to the server.
5) Results are displayed (small bar chart)
6) Next to the results, a button will invite the user to save the results - which will lead to a login or registration page.
7) Once logged-in, the results and input data will be saved part of his/her profile

The server performs calculations using the input data and additional data present in the database (e.g. conversion factors) in order to return the results. Coding these calculation is part of the scope - I will provide the mathematical formulas.

Advice on data model is also in scope. I dispose today of raw data in excel spreadsheets (e.g. conversion factors).

Over time, I plan to offer API access to the query functionality (but API will not include the "saving to my profile" functionality).
Goal is to architect the server side so that I can offer a multi-threaded API in the future (e.g. using Java). This API will use a developer key.

Summary of scope:
- Feed-back on database schema
- Set-up database (I will load info)
- Code computation logic to process the data
- Create front-end forms
- Integrate results into user profile

Optional: create REST API exposed as XML or JSON

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