Nascom is looking for passionate Drupal Developers!


We @nascomhq are always on the lookout for exceptional talent. At this moment we hope to discover a (not too) serious Drupal developer, ready to take on some challenging projects together with the rest of the team.

Because we work for some awesome clients such as VRT, Mobistar, Studio100, Corelio, Record Bank, AB InBev and CM, who chose us because we push the boundaries of the current web, we expect the same from you.

As an experienced Drupal coder, we don’t have to ask if

- you’re passionate about Drupal;
- you write your own modules;
- you use git;
- you try to be present at all the DrupalCon’s, DUG’s, code sprints;
- you’re active in the community;
- …

… so we won’t.

What should fit in your package?

- Team player: You are able to work with people with different skills. You can talk with clients, designers, UX people, …
- Project leader: You are not afraid of taking the technical lead in a project. Because of your skillset, you can choose the right track for development.
- Community lead: You love to contribute your Drupal knowledge to the community. If possible you try to be present at every Drupal event.
- No asshole: If you’re an ass, you just blew your chance of working here!

If you fit the profile, tell us by applying here:

afbeelding van Xano
Door Xano op 13 april, 2011 - 14:07

Aankondigingen -> Commerciële diensten

My name is Bart - web & events
iDEAL, OmniKassa, en meer.

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