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In de EU zijn verschillende lokale Drupal stichtingen actief die sinds drupalCon copenhagen nauwer samen werken. Deel van de resutaten die mede mogelijk gemaakt zijn door de EU samenwerking, zijn o.a. d DrupalGovDays, DrupdalDevDays, DrupalBusinessDays en ... Drupal design Camp! Hier volgt deel van de tekst van mede organisator Morten:

Drupal Design Camp
Berlin 25 + 26 JUNE

The Program & Training sessions

The program is almost done, this time we have looked around & found loads of very interesting sessions, that we believe will give the attendees a lot of new stuff to think about

We know that a lot of new people that are coming into drupal are starting in the theme layer, with that in mind we have set up a 3 hours training session on the first day (all in the price of the camp).

The Drupal8 Design initiative that Dries blogged about ( is going to be kickstarted from the Camp, where the lead Jeff Burnz will present the initiative & the following workshop, where we will kickstart the discussion & find some result for the long lasting Question "How does & should Drupal Look"

We are taking a div(e) into the HTML5 & CSS3, & not to forget an epic battle between SASS & LESS, and talking hardcore theme api's

We still have a room for some more sessions - so don't be shy to contact us.

Tickets & Sponsor

Tickets are on sale now for either 20EUR or the personal sponsor ticket at 50EUR

We are hoping for some help from sponsors, for coffee, etc.
Look at the attached document & share it with your boss ;)


GLS German Language School Berlin
Kastanienallee 82
10435 Berlin


We don't have any deals set up with any hotels but these 3 are just around the corner from the venue:
* (there are 2 locations close to venue)

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